Budoucí čas prostý a průběhový

Budoucí čas prostý a průběhový: srovnání - cvičení 3

Doplňte slova v závorkách. Užijte budoucí čas prostý nebo průběhový.


I can buy it for you. I in the afternoon anyway. (shop)

Is Bill at school? - No, he isn't. I suppose he soon. (come)

I hope Simon there. (be)

Did you remember to invite Mrs. Oates? - Oh, no! I forgot. But I her now. (phone)

If you call me at 6 o'clock, I . (just get up)

You are so late! Everybody when you arrive at the office. (work)

Be careful or the cars you down. (knock)

We our house this time tomorrow. (move)

He tennis at 7.30 because he always starts at 7 o'clock. (play)

Your suitcase is so big. I it for you. (take)

I am not sure if I can offer this room. it? (they | like)

Can I borrow your laptop tonight? it at 9 o'clock? (you | use)

The show starts at 8. Please, me there? (you | drive)

Your journey will be so long. How your time while you are on the train? (you | spend)

I've just missed the train. How to school? (I | get)

If your teacher asks you, the text? (you | translate)

What while I am cleaning the windows? (you | do)

a taxi if the coach is booked? (you | take)


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