Anglická nepravidelná slovesa

Nepravidelná slovesa - cvičení 2 (minulý čas)

Doplňte podle významu nepravidelná slovesa v minulém čase.


Part 1: bend, break, can, come, dig, do

I all the housework on my own.

Someone the window with a stone.

We a hole in the garden.

Betty back home before midnight.

I had to clean my glasses because I not see anything.

I down and picked up the apple from the grass.

Part 2: eat, feel, fly, freeze, go, have

When I was ill I nothing. But I drank a lot.

We on holiday by car.

I wanted to watch the bird, but it away.

Without a sleeping bag, he to death.

We a really good time in Spain.

I didn't know why, but I so unhappy.

Part 3: hit, keep, lay, leave, make, read

My grandma a delicious cake for my birthday.

Even if I shouted at her, she smiling.

The book was so interesting. I it in one day.

Jill home early in the morning.

The doorway was too low for me. I my head on it.

My sister the table and I served the meals.

Part 4: rise, see, shoot, sing, sleep, speak

I Ben at a cafe the other day.

The sun at 5.15 yesterday.

When we were at the camp, we in our tent.

Sarah played the piano and a song.

We arrows at a target at the garden party.

I to Tina, but she didn't listen to me.

Part 5: spoil, stick, teach, think, wake, write

I down my ideas not to forget them.

We the pieces together with the glue.

Little Josh up and started to cry.

I'm sorry. I it was my coat.

My dad me not to give up.

The cake because you didn't keep it in the fridge.


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