Pravidelná a nepravidelná slovesa

Pravidelná a nepravidelná slovesa - cvičení 1

Doplňte pravidelná a nepravidelná slovesa v minulém čase.

Příklad:We § the match. (lose)
We lost the match.


When they asked me, I my mistake. (admit)

Arsenal Chelsea 3 : 0 on Sunday. (beat)

The show at 8 o'oclock. (begin)

The wind from the west in the morning. (blow)

Who this house? (build)

I a new phone yesterday. (buy)

Little Sarah at the dentist's. (cry)

We down the tree. (cut)

I this picture at school. (draw)

They to Paris yesterday. (drive)

We the cat and went to bed. (feed)

I the hotel at last. (find)

My partner me, but he didn't trust me anymore. (forgive)

We the present under the bed. (hide)

Barry the ball with his baseball bat. (hit)

I my knee. (hurt)

Tom his new shirt very quickly. (choose)

We that we were wrong. (know)

I a lot at the language school. (learn)

We our dog sleep in the house. (let)

Our teacher her patience. (lose)

Ben and Sue at university. (meet)

I to Manchester two years ago. (move)

My daughter the piano with me. (play)

Who the remote control on the radiator? (put)

The doorbell and I hurried downstairs. (ring)

Two men the bank in King Street. (rob)

She : 'Don't do it. I warn you.' (say)

We you a postcard from our holiday. (send)

The hot sun on my car all day. (shine)

I the door and left my job for ever. (shut)

My grandma down and started to talk. (sit)

Someone my credit card when I was in France. (steal)

My dad me to school by car. (take)

I them what I thought about them. (tell)

When my granpa was young, he a lot. (travel)

Nobody my problem. (understand)

Marion because she was the best. (win)


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