Vztažné věty - vypustitelná zájmena

Vztažné věty (vypustitelná zájmena who, which, that) - cvičení 4

Doplňte vztažné věty zájmeny who, which nebo that. Pokud je možné zájmeno z věty vypustit, zvolte variantu v závorce.

Příklad:I've borrowed the book ___ you recommended.
I've borrowed the book (which) you recommended.
Would you recognize the person ___ stopped you?
Would you recognize the person that stopped you?


We want to book the hotel we saw in the advert the other day.

The man you see in the street is my new neighbour.

Never buy any meat smells.

I've brought something would interest you.

We saw a girl looks like you.

The picture she has just finished is unique.

Was the phone number you gave me correct?

We must find someone can repair the PC.

Can you remember the tall boy you met at the bus stop?

The eco-friendly car is a vehicle causes less air pollution.

The tree I planted when Joseph was born is dead.


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