Trpný rod - minulý čas

Trpný rod - cvičení 1 (minulý čas)

Doplňte trpný rod. Užijte minulý čas prostý.

Příklad:___ by meteorologists? (the storm | forecast)
Was the storm forecasted by meteorologists?


After the storm

A: There was a storm on the coast last night.
B: (anything | damage)
A: Yes. Some trees fell on cars.

B: How many cars did they hit?
A: More than twenty cars . (crush)

B: Were the cars completely destroyed?
A: Not really. But one car . (ruin)

B: And what about buildings? too? (they | devastate)

A: Just some windows were smashed and roof tiles off. But the harbour hard by the winds. (tear, hit)

B: What happened? ? (any boats | wreck)

A: Yes, they were. Two of them on rocks and completely destroyed. (drift)

B: What about the other boats? away? (they | blow)

A: Some of them miles away from the shore. (drive)

B: during the storm? (anybody | kill)
A: I don't think so.

B: And ? (many people | injure)

A: There were some injuries, but nobody seriously as far as I know. (injure)


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