Trpný rod - budoucí čas

Trpný rod v angličtině - cvičení 5 (budoucí čas)

Doplňte trpný rod, užijte při tom budoucí čas.

Příklad:You ___ by your personal robot. (wake up)
You will be waken up by your personal robot.


Life at the end of the century

Every aspect of your life . (change)

Everything about you . (monitor)

Your temperature by mirror in your bathroom. (take)

Your weight by bathroom scales built into the floor. (check)

Your kitchen robot to make your tea when you get up. (set up)

Your daily menu to match your activities. (adjust)

Your food online by your fridge. (order)

Your pizza by a 3D printer. (make)

Solar panels into building materials to power your house. (build)

Your feelings by sensors in your mobile phone. (analyze)

Everything to your own needs. (tailor)

But we to be free. (not allow)


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