Trpný rod

AJ: trpný rod - cvičení 2

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A: What are you doing with my car?
B: It lifted off the ground, sir.

A: Poor Tim. He has lost his match.
B: Yes, he has. But now.

A: Your business partners didn't like your offer very much.
B: But they accept it.

A: How did they do it?
B: This hole was dug up a spade.

A: Did you enjoy your holiday at the seaside?
B: Not at all. Our boat by storm.

A: But you've promised the place to me!
B: I'm sorry.

A: Why is the manager so angry?
B: Because a lot of goods have been stolen customers.

A: The slope is quite steep.
B: You're right. If we weren't careful, our bikes .

A: Did you see the dog in the middle of the road?
B: Yes, I did. But when I stopped, my car from behind.

A: Well done, Josh. Your room is tidy now.
B: It was tidied up my brother.

A: What will you do with the tree?
B: It will be cut down a saw.

A: Can you recommend any dictionary?
B: Yes, I can. This dictionary is often used our students.

A: Sarah didn't take part in the conference.
B: She said she informed.

A: Please, tell me how to go about it.
B: The mixture must be stirred a fork.


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