Předmět přímý a nepřímý v angličtině

Předmět přímý a nepřímý - cvičení 1

Doplňte předmět přímý a nepřímý. Užijte pouze slova uvedená v závorkách.


I promissed to deliver tomorrow. (the parcel | her)

We have already shown . (Miss Clark | to | the project)

I think we should write . (a message | John)

I can lend for two weeks. (the book | her)

They will immediately send . (us | to | an email)

Keep until she comes back. (her | the place | for)

They've bought in New Zealand. (their daughter | a house)

Please, show . (to | room | his | him)

In my opinion you should give . (some flowers | your teacher)

Look, my mum has made . (for | me | a cake)

My grandma always wishes . (to me | a good luck)

If they buy more than two pieces, we can offer . (a discount | our customers)


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