Podmiňovací způsob minulý

Podmiňovací způsob minulý - cvičení 1

Doplňte věty slovy v závorkách. Užijte podmiňovací způsob minulý.

Příklad:Judith had her hair cut. She ___ it ten years ago. (would not do)
Judith had her hair cut. She would not have done it ten years ago.


It was too late. You him the message. (should send)

I wanted to meet you at the airport. But I you. (would not regognize)

Why did I marry Fred? I Jack. (could marry)

A: we their offer? (should - refuse)
B: Why? It was a very good offer.

A: she you with your homework? (would - help)
B: I don't think so. She was too busy.

Beatriz in Madrid ten years ago. I think she worked in Barcelona. (might not work)

I'm afraid Claire has failed the exam. Otherwise she us yesterday. (would call)

Why didn't you tell me? I it for you. (would do)

Mike the window. He was there when I heard the noise. (might smash)

It has taken us fifteen hours to get here by train. It us two hours by plane. (could take)

They it over before they answered the fax. (should think)


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