Podmiňovací způsob

Podmiňovací způsob - cvičení 2 (přítomný a minulý)

Doplňte následující rozhovor. Užijte podmiňovací způsob přítomný (would go, should go...) a minulý (would have gone, should have gone...).



Bryan: When I saw Susan with the other guy, I went away.
Janet: It's a pity. You there, I think. (should stay)

Bryan: They didn't see me, you know. you there? (would stay)

Janet: I to talk to Susan immediately. (would try) I the disco. (would not leave)

Bryan: You're right. I her after the dance, but I didn't. I regret it now. (could ask)

Janet: You her now. (ought to ask) She you what's going on. (might tell)

Bryan: She it at the disco. (might explain) But it was a bit of a shock to see her with him. Imagine you're at a disco and you can see your boyfriend dancing with a girl.

shocked? (you - would not be)

Janet: I shocked. (might be) But I them alone in such a situation. (would not leave)

Bryan: Ha, ha. I to see that. (would like) It funny. (could be)


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