Podmínkové věty - typ 3

Podmínkové věty (typ 3 - třetí kondicionál) - cvičení 2

Reagujte na dané situace. Užijte podmínkové věty (třetí kondicionál).

Příklad:It was not my laptop. I didn't lend it to him.
But if it ___ my laptop, I would have lent it to him.
But if it had been my laptop, I would have lent it to him.


3. kondicionál

She did not give me her phone number. I could not call her.
But if she me her phone number, I could have called her.

He was at work. He could not go with us.
But if he had not been at work, he with us.

My dad did not buy any sugar. My mum did not make any cake.
But if my dad some sugar, my mum would have made some cake.

I travelled round the world because I had won the lottery.
But I wouldn't have travelled round the world if I the lottery.

We did not have enough money. We could not afford to eat in restaurants.
But if we enough money, we could have afforded to eat in restaurants.

You were not prepared. You did not pass the exam.
But if you had been prepared, you the exam.

I came back home late because I had worked long hours.
But I would not have come back home late if I long hours.

I was so young. I had no experience.
But if I so young, I would have had some experience.

They did not go on holiday. They did not have any rest.
But if they had gone on holiday, they some rest.

You did not know what to do because you had not listened to me.
But you what to do if you had listened to me.


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