Podmínkové věty - typ 2

Podmínkové věty (druhý kondicionál) - cvičení 2

Doplňte podmínkové věty slovy v závorkách. Užijte druhý kondicionál.

Příklad:Your boss should know about it. I ___ your boss if I ___ you. (tell | be)
Your boss should know about it. I would tell your boss if I were you.


2. kondicionál

I can't tidy my room now. If I more free time, I it. (have | tidy)

My job isn't well-paid. Provided that I a lot of money, however, I round the world. (earn | travel)

I spend a lot of time learning English. If I English, I studying Spanish or French. (not learn | try)

I have to meet my business partner. But we a museum if we soon. (can visit | finish)

I don't know if my friend needs help. Suppose he my help, I . (need | not refuse)

I can't imagine that there would be someone in my bedroom. I if I a stranger in it. (scream | find)

My teachers are OK. If I my teachers, however, I them. (can't stand | never tell)

I've never won a lottery. But I my job if I a million. (not quit | win)

You can rely on Jim. But if he about it, I him. (forget | remind)

Do you want me to pay in advance? I in advance on condition that I a discount. (pay | get)


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