Podmínkové věty v angličtině

Podmínkové věty (všechny typy) - cvičení 4 (doplňování)

Doplňte podmnínkové věty slovesy uvedenými v závorce.


Conditionals (all types)

We would have enough time if we to see the castle. (want)

In case you a car, will you teach me to drive? (buy)

If I in a hurry, I wouldn't have made so many mistakes. (not be)

She won't finish it on time if she right now. (not start)

She angry if you had told her. (might get)

On condition that they our product, they would get a discount. (support)

Even if I him, he won't come. (ask)

Had I driven slowly, I . (not crash)

It will be a disaster unless they us. (help)

If you something to eat, you wouldn't have felt sick. (have)

I it if I were you. (not risk)

She would get fat if she eating. (not stop)

The chicken wasn't good. It better if you had put some spices on it. (can taste)

What if you had more free time? (you - do)

Where would you spend your holiday provided that a sponsor for it? (pay)

If you had studied a university abroad, what to improve your English? (you - do)

Where will you go at the weekend, if you too busy? (not be)

If you a stranger in your bedroom, how would you react? (find)

If you finish this test in fifteen minutes, what ? (you - do)

If you to study English, what language would you have chosen instead? (not decide)


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