Podmínkové věty v angličtině

Podmínkové věty (všechny typy) - cvičení 3

Doplňte podmínkové věty (všechny typy). Vyberte správnou variantu.


Conditionals (all types)

Tell her if you her.

I would have gone by air if I more money.

If I were younger you marry me?

I could have a drink provided I drive.

If I had lost my job what now?

I would have eaten the meat if it tough.

If she her hairstyle she would be pretty.

Unless she a coat she'll catch a cold.

If he had asked you what would you .

Even if I sleep well I have a headache.

What will you do in case Bob ?

If we a boat we couldn't see the island.

You wouldn' like it if I you the truth.

What would you have done if he ?

Unless you are quiet, I you the joke.

The room could have looked better in case you the windows.

If the weather was better, we on bikes.


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