Nepřímá - přímá řeč

Nepřímá řeč - cvičení 3 (převeďte na přímou řeč)

Převeďte věty do přímé řeči.

Příklad:She said Liz didn't speak Greek. - Liz doesn't speak Greek.


He admitted that he had never met us. -

They told us they would start the following day. -

We called them that we were walking in the park. -

She said she worked for Ford. -

I replied that I had been trying to mend it since the morning. -

He said that at one o'clock he had been doing nothing. -

They explained that they had closed down the previous year. -

Neil said he wished he could be independent. -

She told us we had better accept it. -

He claimed that while he was sleeping someone screamed in the garden. -

Moira admitted that she would rather stay. -


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