Gerundium (-ing) - cvičení 1

Test 1. Doplňte do vět výrazy uvedené v závorce. Užijte gerundium (-ing formu).


(complain, become, sell, play, cheat, eat, lie, tell, work, get, leave, write, do, wake, have)

He admitted on the test and so he failed.

You should avoid so much meat.

Please, consider your house if you need money.

I detest up in the middle of the night after nightmares.

She denied the taxi without paying.

I enjoyed on the beach all day.

My sister fancies a pop star.

We finished our essays before noon.

The job in the supermarket involved at night.

I don't mind homework. Ha, ha.

My colleague kept about the food all the time. It was annoying.

I took my umbrella. I didn't want to risk wet.

She practised the piano all day.

I really appreciate you in my team.

She couldn't resist us what she'd found out.

(spend my time, have a hard time, it's no use, can't stand, it's no good, can't help, it is worth, have fun, waste no time, have no problem)

I waiting in queues. It's so annoying.

We laughing when we were watching our kittens playing.

crying over spilt milk.

It wasn't so costly. buying.

telling him. He didn't listen.

My colleague trying to escape from the traffic jam in the morning.

We always dancing with each other. We like it so much.

They getting to work on time. They are never late.

I tidying my bedroom every Saturday. But I don't mind.

When I came to the beach I diving into the sea.


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