Infinitiv v angličtině

Kladný a záporný infinitiv - cvičení 2

Doplňte do vět kladný nebo záporný infinitiv.

Příklad:Paul wanted ___ us as soon as possible. (see)
Paul wanted to see us as soon as possible.
My parents told me ___ so rude to them. (not be)
My parents told me not to be so rude to them.


We managed the 20.25 train. (catch)

My father decided his job. (not change)

The flight attendant instructed us our safety seat belts. (not unfasten)

When I was young I was forced up all the food on my plate. (eat)

Susan pretended my girlfriend. (not be)

We did our best the match. (win)

Michael turned out quite a nice companion. (be)

Betty planned to Peter's birthday party. (not go)

My mother persuaded me university. (not leave)

I chose in a five star hotel in the Carribean. (stay)

Dogs were not allowed the restaurant. (enter)

Sarah promissed anyone about my secret. (not tell)


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