Gerundium a infinitiv

Gerundium a infinitiv - cvičení 3

Do následujícího dialogu dopňte slova v závorkách. Užijte infinitiv nebo gerundium.


Kate: Why has Mike moved out of your house? Let him what he means now. (explain, do)

Beryl: No, never. I gave up to understand him a long time ago. (try)

Kate: Still - would you consider in touch with him if I called him? (get)

Beryl: I can't forbid you him, but I warn you him that I know about it. (call, not tell)

Kate: I don't understand such stupid things. I'd hate my house empty one day. (do, find)

Beryl: I hate it empty every day. My mother suggests with me for a couple of weeks, (find, stay)

but I've made up my mind over it on my own. (get)

Kate: I always advise out in such cases. (go)

It helps you . (forget)

Beryl: Please, don't advise me out, if it means alone. (go, be)

Kate: O.K. I'll try Mike first and then we'll see. (call)


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