Přítomný čas průběhový - otázky

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Přítomný čas průběhový - gramatická pravidla s příklady, procvičování.

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Přítomný čas průběhový - cvičení 3 (otázky)

Přítomný čas průběhový - utvořte otázky.


What at the moment? (do)
I am writing a test.

Which film ? (Mary and Joe - watch)
I have no idea.

your mum? (anybody - help)
No, nobody.

Why ? (cook)
Well, I am just making a salad.

by train? (travel)
No, they are not.

Why ? (Sarah - cry)
She can't find her teddy bear.

Where your car? (you - park)
Near here.

What here? (I - do)
Don't ask me. I don't know.

My brother is sleeping.
Why ? (not - get up)

I am playing computer games now.
Why for exams? (not - learn)

Our daughter is over there.
Why with you? (not - wait)

They are on the way to Mumbai.
Why to Calcutta? (not - fly)

Your table is by the door, Bill.
Why by the window? (not - sit)

My sisters are bored.
Why a film? (not - watch)


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