Going to + přítomný čas

Vyjádření budoucnosti: going to a přítomný čas - cvičení 2 (otázky)

Doplňte otázky slovy v závorkách. Užijte going to nebo přítomný čas.


I know you are leaving at the weekend! But when ? (you | come back)

The coach arrives at 8 o'clock. But what time ? (it | depart)

You have a lot of bricks in the backyard. your house? (you | renovate)

Look, Ann is carrying a spade. a tree? (she | plant)

We are having a meeting with Kirk tonight. What time ? (he | come)

Why are you getting up so early? When today? (your lessons | start)

I'd like to go for a trip. anything tomorrow? (you | do)

We must meet Joyce at the port. What time ? (her ship | land)

You have so much milk in the fridge. What with it? (you | do)

They are preparing a new exhibition in the gallery. But when ? (it | open)

Look at the sky. ? (it | rain)

Excuse me? What time in Barcelona? (the train | arrive)


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