Předpřítomný vs minulý čas

Předpřítomný vs minulý čas - cvičení 3 (vyberte odpověď)

Vyberte vhodnější formu - předpřítomný čas prostý nebo minulý čas.


Our house is finished.
How long on it?

We live in a village now.
But you in a big city for five years.

I can drive your car.
any car before?

Where is Elizabeth?
She to school.

I've had good lunch today.
Where the lunch?

Do you think you can do it for me?
I'm sorry, I .

Do you know James Stuart?
Yes, I him since 2018.

Peter is back from London.
me any postcards?

Have you seen the headmaster?
Yes, I him in his office.

Your sister speaks English very well.
She English since she was seven.

Could I speak to Mr. Daly?
Hold on. He .

Nice to meet you!
How long here?

Listen. I can't believe it.
Fantastic! We the match!


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