Čas předminulý průběhový

Předminulý čas prostý a průběhový - cvičení 1

Doplňte následující věty. Užijte předminulý čas průběhový a minulý čas.


They so tired because they all the way. (be, walk)

Do you know why I late? I in a traffic jam. (come, travel)

Sue happy because she with Peter all night. (feel, dance)

After she to him for an hour she desperate. (talk, be)

What before the ship ? (they - do, land)

When Doris up, she for twelve hours. (get, sleep)

Jane her temper after she with her brother all for so long. (lose, argue)

Where before we her in the park? (Tina - wait, meet)

Your parents to bed very late. - Yes, they did. But they a rest all afternoon. (go, have)

Grace Class B for a year before she . (attend, leave)


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