Past perfect

Past perfect - cvičení 1

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Příklad:They graduated. Then they got married.
They ___ married as soon as they ___ .
They got married as soon as they had graduated.


They entered the restaurant. They were served.
After they the restaurant, they .

I lost my credit card. I did not use it.
I my credit card because I it.

The airline cancelled the flight, but they did not tell me.
They me that the airline the flight.

I broke my leg. I could not go out.
I out because I my leg.

He left school and took up a job.
He up a job as soon as he school.

They met in Cork. She fell in love with him.
She in love with him after they in Cork.

Marion did not recognize Jim. She did not say hello to him.
Marion hello to Jim because she him.

Peter sent me an email. I understood the problem.
After Peter me an e-mail, I the problem.

Sue had a boyfriend. Then she met Greg at the disco.
When Sue Greg at the disco, she a boyfriend.

They changed the time. They did not let me know.
Nobody me know that they the time.


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