Předbudoucí čas průběhový

Předbudoucí čas průběhový - cvičení 2 (otázky)

Utvořte otázky. Užijte předbudoucí čas průběhový.


How long the book this year? (Sam - write)
For three or four years.

How long this course this week? (you - attend)
For six weeks or so.

in this house for a long time before they pull it down? (you - live)
Yes, we will. For more than ten years.

their house for two or three years by the end of this year? (the Clarks - renovate)
It will have been three years since they started.

for the driving test for at least a month when you take it? (you - practise)
A month? I'll have been practising for three months!

How long the report before you hand it over? (you - write)
I have no idea. It usually takes more time than I expect.

How long the mountain this time tomorrow? (they - descend)
For about 48 hours, as far as I know.

for more than two hours when she crosses the border? (Kate - drive)
I don't think so. It isn't so far away from here.


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