Předbudoucí čas

Předbudoucí čas prostý - cvičení 1

Doplňte slova v závorkách. Užijte předbudoucí čas.

Příklad:Are you going to do your homework today?
Yes, I am. I § it before I go out. (do)
Yes, I am. I will have done it before I go out.


When will you send the message?
We it by Friday. (deliver)

How long will it take you to rewrite such a report?
I it by 6 p.m. (finish)

Can I have a look at your photos tomorrow?
No, I'm sorry. I them by tomorrow. (not print)

Can we start the party at 3 o'clock?
I don't think so. All our guests by then, I'm afraid. (not arrive)

Will Sam be ready for the test on Monday?
I'd say that he everything by Monday. (not revise)

Will you prepare the materials on time?
I all the materials by noon. (copy)

Will Sarah join us for dinner?
I hope so. I it by the time she comes back home. (make)

Is there a chance that we'll have a drug against cancer?
Scientists a drug against cancer by the end of this decade. (discover)

What is Meg going to do when she leaves university?
But she isn't going to leave it. In two years' time Meg and then we'll see. (graduate)


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