Budoucí čas průběhový

Budoucí čas průběhový - cvičení 2 (vyberte možnost)

Vyberte podle významu věty budoucí čas průběhový v kladné nebo záporné formě.


On my holiday I at 6 o'clock as usual. I want to relax a lot.

You are so late! Everybody when you arrive at the office.

You think that Derek tennis at seven? Why not?

Computers all texts in a couple of years. It's impossible.

Mary in the arrivals hall this time. She is ill.

Can I take your camera? You it this morning, will you?

The cinema any films next week.

You'll get your present later. They parcels on Monday again.

He can find her easily in her red coat. - But she the red coat.


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