Nepravidelná slovesa

Nepravidelná slovesa - cvičení 1 (minulý čas a příčestí trpné)

Doplňte nepravidelná slovesa - minulý čas a příčestí trpné.

Příklad:(know) You ___ about it, but you didn't tell me. - I have ___ her for a long time.
You knew about it, but you didn't tell me. - I have known her for a long time.


(become) Morgan Freeman famous at the age of 52. - I have just an Australian citizen.

(bet) I 100 dollars on Atom, but he lost. - Have you ever on horse races?

(break) Someone into our house at night. - I found out that the window was .

(catch) Mike a cold in the mountains. Look! The cat has a mouse.

(cost) We bought a new house. It a fortune. - Healthcare has ten percent more this year.

(dig) They up this road a week ago. - And before that they had up another road.

(cut) I the grass in the morning. - Who has cut down the tree?

(feel) We so good in Italy. - Have you ever like this?

(forget) Jim didn't come. He about the meeting. - Have you the password?

(get) I a bike for my birthday. - He had dressed before he came into the kitchen.

(grow) Elvis Presley up in Mississippi. - We prefer home- food.

(hear) I the news on the radio. - Help me! Haven't you ?







(see) I Ben, but he didn't see me. - I've already the film.

(send) We the email yesterday. - Madam, the parcel was last week.

(shine) The streets in New York into the night. - The moon has never so brightly.

(shut) Eve her book and yawned. - As far as I know, the windows were .

(sit) I had enough. I down. - We've never on such comfortable chairs.

(speak) Tina of her worries. - Have you to Mr. Harris?









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