Present perfect simple i continuous – test 2, exercise 3

Make questions to get more details.


Look. I've received a letter from Scotland. - ? (you/read/yet)

My neighbour has won in a lottery. - When in the lottery? (he/win)

Our teacher is ill. - How long ? (he/be ill)

The Spanish team have lost. - ? (they/lose/everything)

Mary has painted her bedroom. - What colour ? (she/use)

Joyce has had a car crash. - Where ? (she/crash)

Present perfect ćwiczenia: simple i continuous. Samodzielna nauka języka angielskiego jest online za darmo. Są tutaj czasy angielskie, czasowniki modalne i nieregularne, struktury gramatyczne, ich budowa i zastosowanie, testy i ćwiczenia. Gramatyka angielska po prostu dla wszystkich.


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