Future simple i continuous – test 2, exercise 3

Make questions with the expressions in brackets. Use future simple or continuous.


I am not sure if I can offer this room. ? (our guest/like/it)

Can I borrow your laptop tonight? ? (you/use/it/at about 9 o'clock)

We arrive in Aberdeen at 1 o'clock. ? (we/have/time/for lunch)

The show starts at 8. Please, ? (you/drive me/there)

Your journey will be so long. How while you are on the train? (you/spend/your time)

I've just missed the train. How ? (I/get/to school)

I'd like to see your project. If I come at 4.30, ? (you/work/on it)

If your teacher asks you, ? (you/translate/the text)

What while I am cleaning the windows? (you/do)

if the coach is booked? (you/take/a taxi)

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