Future simple i continuous – test 2, exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets and use future simple or continuous.


I can buy it for you. I (shop) in the afternoon anyway.

Is Bill at school? - No, he isn't. I suppose he . (come)

I hope Simon (be) there.

Did you remember to invite Mrs. Oates? - Oh, no! I forgot. But I (call) her now.

I'll have a holiday next week. I (not get up) at 6 o'clock as usual.

You are so late! Everybody (work) when you arrive at the office.

Be careful or the cars (knock) you down.

We (move) our house this time tomorrow.

He (play) tennis at 7.30. He usually starts at 7 o'clock. Could you come before that?

Your suitcase is so big. I (take) it for you.

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