Future perfect simple i continuous – test 3, exercise 1

Answer these questions and use verbs in brackets.


When will you send the message?
We it by Friday. (deliver)

How long does it take you to rewrite such a report?
Tomorrow I on it for three days. (work) And I it by 6 p.m. (finish)

What time shall we have a break?
At about 5 o'clock. We for nearly four hours. (travel)

Can I have a look at your photos tomorrow?
No, I'm sorry. I them by tomorrow. (not develop)

Can we start the party at 3 o'clock?
I don't think so. All our guests by then, I'm afraid. (not arrive)

Will Sam be ready for the test on Monday?
He for a couple of weeks. (revise) But he everything by Monday. (not revise)

Future perfect ćwiczenia - samodzielna nauka języka angielskiego za darmo. Są tutaj czasy angielskie, czasowniki modalne i nieregularne, struktury gramatyczne, ich budowa i zastosowanie, testy i ćwiczenia. Gramatyka angielska po prostu dla wszystkich.


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