Future perfect simple i continuous – test 1, exercise 3

Complete the questions with the verbs in brackets. Use future perfect tenses.


When you the dinner? (cook)
By 7 o'clock.

How long Sam the book this year? (write)
For three or four years.

How many continents you after your journey to Australia? (visit)
It will be my fifth continent.

When she it? (finish)
Before Friday.

How long you this course this week? (attend)
For six weeks or so.

they the refrigerator before we leave? (deliver)
Yes, by 10 o'clock.

you in this house for a long time before they pull it down? (live)
Yes, for more than ten years.

When Sheila her car? (respray)
By next week, I think.

Future perfect ćwiczenia - samodzielna nauka języka angielskiego za darmo. Są tutaj czasy angielskie, czasowniki modalne i nieregularne, struktury gramatyczne, ich budowa i zastosowanie, testy i ćwiczenia. Gramatyka angielska po prostu dla wszystkich.


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